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Why Victoria Is My Happy Place

Rutland Park LighterFinding the perfect place to live takes time and self-reflection. I’ve lived in Victoria for over 20 years and after spending a decade in Ottawa, I know it’s the ideal place for me. Many other people in Canada and around the world seem to agree and over the coming years as the baby boomers retire, I anticipate many more people choosing to relocate to this beautiful part of the world – some will be happy with their decision and some will not. We moved here for an improved quality of life and we’ve never regretted it.

Rutland Park full bay shotWe have snow-capped mountains in the distance and we rarely experience snow in Victoria. We’re surrounded by beautiful beaches, some large and popular like Willows Beach in Oak Bay and just a short distance away, this lovely little beach which is almost deserted and so peaceful.

We enjoy many of the benefits and amenities of larger city with less of the hassles that come with living in a big city. It’s true, we live on an island and so getting to the mainland involves travelling by airplane, ferry, seaplane or helicopter which can be a barrier to moving here for some. I’ll never forget my first trip to Vancouver via helicopter – my company paid for my flight and we took off around 7:15 am on a glorious sunny day with the Olympic Mountains bathed in a pink glow and looking down I saw the many islands big and small in the sparkling blue waters below. I had to pinch myself to see if this experience was real. Now I get to see the Olympic Mountains from my kitchen window every day and on clear days when I see that glow on the snow-capped mountain tops, it still takes my breath away.

I love everything that Victoria and Vancouver Island has to offer – beaches, wineries, fabulous restaurants, fun outdoor activities like kayaking and paddle boarding and the many traditional tourist attractions such as Butchart Gardens and the Royal BC Museum. I had the great privilege of showing one of my international clients around when they visited Victoria recently and through my connection with Tourism Victoria, I’m discovering even more fun things to do and places to visit in and around Victoria. A recent speaking engagement took me up island to the beautiful Courtney Comox area and I’m planning a return trip with my husband for my birthday.

A word of caution – if you’re unhappy, simply moving somewhere else isn’t necessarily going to make you happier since true happiness comes from within, however moving to a place where you’re surrounded by people and things that uplift and inspire you, can certainly help.

Where we choose to live can have a huge impact on our quality of life and many of my clients from around the world choose to work with me to get clarity on what’s really important for them before they make a big decision like relocating. If you’re thinking of moving, consider giving me a call for a complimentary confidential consultation. I’ll ask you a few clarifying questions that could be helpful in knowing whether moving is right for you. I’ll also tell you about a simple tool that I’ve developed that can help you create a checklist for your ideal next home that could help you avoid the disruption and expense of relocating and then finding this isn’t your ideal place to live and then having to move again.

Telegraph Cove Apr 2016My wish is for you to find your happy place too and please consider contacting me if you’d like to invite me to help you clarify exactly where that might be.

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