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Why Transitions and Networking Are the Perfect Pairing

I’m a professional life and career transitions coach and it may surprise you to know that over 50% of the people I coach, choose to attend my Networking for Success Workshop.

Why is that?

Whether you’re looking to change career direction or make a physical move to another part of town, a new city or even another country, or both, talking to people who are already doing what you want to do, or living where you want to live, is invaluable and here’s why:

How Networking Helps with Career Transitions

  • Many positions are filled through word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Knowing someone in a company you want to work for, can open doors
  • Talking with current employees to understand the corporate culture can be enlightening
  • You can research employer’s preferred skills and qualifications for the role that interests you
  • You can determine if your planned move is a good fit by understanding more about what the job entails
  • You can explore how your transferrable skills can be leveraged, identify gaps and make a plan to address them

By investing time in networking while planning a career transition, you’ll avoid surprises, make better choices about investments in further education, discover companies you’d really love to work for and build contacts who, once they know you, may be willing to introduce you to decision makers.

How Networking Helps with Physical Moves

  • Speaking with people who already live where you are thinking of moving to will help you get a real sense of what it’s like to live there
  • You’ll make new connections and with virtual networking, can begin to build your community even before you move
  • You can solicit recommendations for top professionals to help with your move
  • You can discover what groups, organizations or clubs exist in the area you’re moving to and consider this when deciding where to live
  • You can avoid unpleasant surprises and get a feel for the culture of the city/town you’re thinking of moving to and evaluate whether it’s right for you
  • You may find someone who knows of a great place for you to rent or discover a neighbourhood you really want to live in

When you think of the stress and expense of moving, whether just down the road, or to another city or country, doesn’t it make perfect sense to do some research first by connecting with people who already live there? If you have friends or relatives already living there, this obviously can be a big help, however any information they give you is likely to be through the lens of this person really wanting you to move. Getting clear on your own priorities for this phase of your life and your future and then researching to see if this move supports those priorities is a conversation worth having with yourself.

How Strong Are Your Networking Skills?

It’s clear that networking is a helpful skill for anyone facing a life or career transition and yet sadly, networking isn’t a topic that’s taught in schools, even though it’s an invaluable skill to develop at any stage of life.

I had no choice when I left the world of information technology to start my coaching practice 8 years ago. I wanted to work with individuals in transition and the best way to meet them, was to network.

I won’t deny that it was very hard for me at first. I’d had some negative experiences in the past which I had to try to put behind me. I joined a formal networking group that met regularly and gradually began to feel more comfortable. Today I’ve learned to embrace networking and now I’m an advocate who’s invited to speak on this topic to professional associations and at conferences. I also host a bi-monthly half-day Networking for Success workshop. Check out the Live Events page of my website for more details

Have I convinced you that enhancing your networking skills is a worthwhile investment?

Consider joining me for my half-day Networking for Success workshop held bi-monthly. You’ll also get a private networking strategy call with me after the workshop to help refine your introduction and zero in on the best places for you to network based on your goals.

Can’t wait for the next scheduled workshop or the date doesn’t work for you? Email me at and ask about the self-directed version of this workshop which also includes the private networking strategy call.

Key Takeaway

  • Research is a key component of a successful transition
  • Networking is a valuable tool to help you conduct that research