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The most recent ICF survey found that what most clients look for in a coach is a sense of personal connection and rapport, capability, confidence and an effective coaching process.

I bring a unique combination of experience, training and unwavering commitment to supporting my clients in achieving their goals. This is validated by my clients in the testimonials section of this website.

My Own Recent Life Transitions

On a personal level, over the past few years I’ve dealt with a number of significant life transitions. One was the joyful experience of taking the leap and leaving full-time employment to pursue my own life transitions coaching practice. Another was supporting my family as we all dealt with the news that my dear father had been diagnosed with an incurable and progressive disease that would gradually leave him more and more incapacitated until he eventually passed away in Victoria Hospice on December 27, 2012. Since his passing, in addition to dealing with my own sense of loss, I have supported my Mum (Dad referred to her as his “angel”) as she begins a new phase of her life without the man she has loved and had been married to for over 65 years by her side. There is no doubt in my mind that my training as a coach and the support of other coaches in my life have helped me tremendously in dealing with all these recent life transitions.

Life Experience

As a baby boomer, I have executed many successful transitions in my work and personal life and have moved across the country and across continents. I have worked in 7 different careers over my almost 4 decades in the workforce.

During my 3 decades in the IT industry I worked as a project manager, a sales executive and spent 10 years as a resource manager, which involved recruiting and career coaching, interacting with hundreds of hire candidates and employees. Some of my career changes were self-initiated and others were suggested by my employers as a result of my openness to trying something new and the potential they saw in me. I’m a positive person and in every transition I looked for ways to bring more of what I enjoyed and what was meaningful to me into my life.

My transition into life transition coaching is without a doubt my most satisfying and rewarding career transition yet, thanks to the tremendous sense of satisfaction I get from supporting my clients in making empowered transitions that allow them to experience increased joy and fulfillment in their own lives. Now I wake up every morning excited about what the day has in store for me and about the possibility of making a difference in the lives of my clients through my coaching.

Formal Training

When I made the decision to follow my passion and become a full-time life coach, I wanted to be the best coach I could possibly be. I knew I wanted to focus on life coaching and help people make empowering life transitions and it was important to me to find the ideal training to support that. I chose to enroll in The Art and Science of Coaching at Erickson College in Vancouver and having completed my training and applied what I learned with my clients, I realize that the tools and techniques Erickson College have given me, have taken my coaching to a new level. The feedback from my clients has confirmed that I made the right choice.

Coaching Experience

For the past few decades I have sought out opportunities to provide career coaching to others who are looking to progress in their careers, considering changing careers or wanting to get back to work after staying home with a family. Since taking my formal training, I have coached clients in a broad range of transitions including planning for retirement, moving forward after divorce, launching new business ventures, determining what career path to follow after graduation, getting back into the workforce after job loss, leaving behind unhealthy relationships and building new empowering relationships and planning transitions into new careers. One of my greatest strengths is being able to help my clients recognize and appreciate their own unique talents and capabilities and to create a confidential supportive space where they can really explore new possibilities that could allow them to live more satisfied and fulfilled lives.

Someone who cares and encourages you to move forward

My clients have shared with me that they feel that I really do care about understanding what’s most important to them and what brings them joy. They feel listened to and appreciate knowing that everything we do together is focused on their future success and happiness. I’ve also been told that my organizational and planning abilities help my clients drive out plans to move forward with their transitions. There’s no question that working with a coach is an intimate experience as we explore your values and what is really important to you as an individual. Many of my clients have spent a great deal of time thinking about what other people in their lives want and need and haven’t given much thought to what they want for themselves. While it feels good to put yourself first for once, it can also feel a little scary too and for this reason it is very important that you find the right coach, one you feel really comfortable with, as you embark on this exciting journey of planning a life transition together.

It would give me great pleasure to connect with you to allow you to better evaluate whether I’m the right life transitions coach for you. If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me and how to receive your complimentary coaching session, please email me so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time for an initial conversation.