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We all face many transitions throughout our lives and I have helped my clients navigate successfully through a wide variety of transitions and will continue to be there for them through any future transition where they ask for my support. Here are some specific areas of focus in my coaching practice.

Transitioning to a New Career

With multiple successful careers and a decade of resource management under my belt, I’ve interviewed and provided career guidance to hundreds of IT professionals and I’m well qualified to help you plan your next career move. My clients enjoy excavating their many talents and identifying the ones they most love to use. Together we’ll explore new possibilities and uncover the ideal next career move for you. I enjoy my new career as an ICF certified coach so much, that I can’t imagine ever wanting to retire and I’d like to help you feel that same sense of satisfaction and fulfillment about your future career.

Helping Professionals Find Balance & Fulfillment

n order to succeed as a professional it can sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to have any kind of balance in your life. This is especially true of women professionals who also often wear many other hats outside of the workplace and sometimes feel pressured to work harder than others to maintain their professional status. As a former “workaholic” who often put work ahead of being present and enjoying the moment and in some cases being available to my family, I’m now committed to helping women and men achieve less stress and enjoy more balance in their life. You’ve probably heard that nobody on their death bed ever wishes they’d spent more time at the office – don’t risk experiencing that regret later in your life. Let’s explore how you can have more joy and fulfillment in your life while continuing to have a satisfying and successful career. I offer one on one coaching via phone to local and international clients and also lead group workshops focused on self-care in Victoria and Parksville, BC, Canada to help my clients reduce their stress and create more balance in their lives.

Pre-Retirement Career and Lifestyle Planning

Do you have a clear vision of what retirement could look like for you? Maybe you believe you’ll never be able to save enough money to retire or you can’t imagine what you’d do with all that free time, so you figure you’ll just keep working. If you’re a couple, maybe you suspect you and your partner have very different ideas about retirement so you avoid talking about the subject. While none of us can predict the future with absolute certainty, a future goal for the later stages of life and a plan to get there can be a great stress reliever. Developing a vision for your future can be a fun and enlightening experience. Once you’ve completed this, you can meet with a competent financial planner to understand where you are now and what needs to happen for you to reach your goal. I offer one on one coaching via phone to local and international clients and lead group workshops focused on pre-retirement planning for couples and singles in Victoria and Parksville, BC, Canada to help my clients create a vision for their ideal future retirement.



Are you at a point in your life where you know that you want something more, a greater sense of joy and fulfillment and you want to explore what that might look like and how to achieve it?

My Premium Program clients are ready to invest in themselves and do what it takes to connect with who they are when they’re being their BEST self and living their BEST life. If you’re ready to really make a significant change and commit to a program that will give you a greater sense of joy and fulfillment and support you to show up in this world being the best that you can be, this program could be for you.

Please check out this video and if it resonates for you, reach out and ask me what it takes to become one of my Premium Program clients.

Ready to take the next step?

The most successful people in the world work with coaches. If you have never experienced working with a life or career coach and feel it could benefit you, please contact me at 778-265-6880 or send an email to explore this further.

We’ll arrange a complimentary initial telephone consultation and if after that, you’re interested in taking the next step, we’ll book you into one of a limited number of Discovery Sessions that I hold every month. You’ll be asked to invest $100 in the 60 minute Discovery Session. You’ll receive a Discovery Session questionnaire which we’ll review together in the Discovery Session and you’ll experience a 30 minute coaching session on a topic of your choice – something that you know you need to get clarity on. After the session we’ll both know whether coaching is right for you and you’ll be able to determine if you feel we have a good rapport – an essential element for a successful coaching relationship. If you decide to proceed, at least 50% of your Discovery Session investment will be credited towards the cost of the package you select.

Don’t face this next stage of your life in a state of overwhelm, stress or confusion. Invite me to be your coach and I’ll support you to confidently clarify your best future direction and create a plan for a smooth and satisfying transition.