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What’s it like to work with me?

Sue MaitlandOne of the best ways to evaluate whether someone is credible, competent and caring is to ask others about their experience of working with that person. When I was a recruiter, I never made an offer to a candidate without first talking to their references. I was very good at asking open-ended questions, an important skill for a coach and I had a very good track record of successful hires.

These testimonials are from clients who have heard me speak, attended my workshops or worked with me one-on-one It’s a way for you to assess whether working with me could be right for you. I appreciate the generosity of the people who have been willing to share their experiences with you. My ICF code of ethics prevents me from sharing the names of any of my clients without receiving their express written permission. I am so grateful that these clients have allowed me to share their experiences with you.

Testimonials for One-on-One Coaching

“I wanted to change my life, and Sue quite literally helped me do it! Coaching with Sue is not a “hand-holding, there-there” type of experience – but a truly fun, empowering, energising and inspiring experience. I’ve gone from being an already successful career woman to being a very successful, happy, focused and productive career woman and mother. Sue’s platinum program and continued support got me there. Thank you Sue!”

~ Rana – UK

Jacques Lantingue“In respect to the difference working with Sue made in my life, the investment was well worth it. If you’re ready to really improve your life, consider working with Sue.”

~ Jacques C.F. Lanteigne – NB

“Fortunately, a bit of happy serendipity, I met Sue Maitland soon after I arrived in Victoria, and started working with her as my Life Transitions Coach … Sue guiding the process with a firm hand, allowed me to make clear and defensible decisions about the new stage of life I was entering. I would happily recommend Sue Maitland to anyone looking for clarity and guidance in confronting the life changes, and life challenges, that we all face.”

~ Dr. Alan Marcus – Victoria

Lyn Bull“Sue Maitland is passionate about her work, in fact, her enthusiasm is infectious. The beauty of working with Sue is that she has an effective way to getting to the crux of what is important to you, so that you can immediately begin to put a plan into effect toward accomplishing your goals. Her excellent methodology is grounded in knowledge and experience and is designed to produce clarity. You can expect exceptional professionalism, as well as an authentic experience that results in a positive outcome when you invest your time to work with Sue Maitland.”

~ Lyn Bull – Owner Silverside Winery, Cowichan Valley

Gretel Comstock“I have to tell you Sue that you have really helped me change my life for the better! Since our coaching session I did “pare back” on my teaching and volunteering. I decided I would maintain a focus and only teach one “type of course”. It was so GREAT to have free time and actually spend it with my family that I decided to take the summer off teaching and volunteering altogether. Summer is FANTASTIC. Seriously Sue…this has COMPLETELY changed my life…and without you helping me through the process I don’t know I would have even taken the first step. Many thanks for the opportunity to be coached by you.”

~ Gretel Comstock – IT Professional, Saskatchewan



Testimonials for Group Workshops & Presentations

Deb Alcadinho“I had the pleasure of attending one of Sue’s recent workshops and found it extremely worthwhile. As a busy professional, it’s challenging to find time for myself, but Sue brought to light some interesting things to ponder and an awareness of self that I had not previously taken the time to do. Thank you Sue. Highly recommended! ”

~ Deb Alcadinho, Founder & Director, WWBN – Victoria BC

“Thank you so much for coming and presenting your workshop on the subject of self-care, it was well received indeed. It looks like the participants got a lot out of it as you can see in the attached evaluation summary. It seemed a perfect topic for our group. Thanks again!”

~ Susanne ‘Sanni’ Rosebrock – Program Coordinator, 1Up Moms and Mentors Program

Shkendie Kaba“Sue’s enthusiastic and passionate style made the whole experience exceptionally uplifting and motivating. She was so generous with her knowledge and practical tips on networking for success. The tools and resources she shared with us were beyond my expectations and I started using them right away.”

~ Shkendie Kaba, Founder and Owner of Kaba Immigration Services, Victoria, BC

“I enjoyed the friendly tone of the presenter. It was well organized and I appreciated the opportunity to meet with other people. Sue shared good tips for anyone moving to Victoria”

~ Glenn Sheridan participant in What You Need to Know About Moving to Victoria



Testimonials for Online Workshop – What’s Important to Me NOW?

“Your video workshop gave me much needed clarity about who I am and what’s most important to me. I am now at peace with how to move forward. If I need help in future, I will certainly look to you. I am very impressed with your ability to communicate clearly as well as with your very obvious competence in this area.”

~ Barbara Roman – Victoria, BC

“Completing the “What’s Important to me NOW?” workshop was very eye opening, helping me get to know myself with more clarity and identify my top priorities for this phase of my life. Beyond what I learned about my own priorities, it was enlightening for my husband and I to go through our own results together and discover what was meaningful for each other. We are grateful to have access to such a useful workshop while living in Central America!”

~ Gwen & Rick Lariviere – Costa Rica



Testimonials for Public Speaking

Robyn Quinn“Thanks Sue – the event turned out to be a wonderful member mixer – the feedback on your talk and networking activity was very positive”

~ Robyn Quinn – Big Bang Communications – Victoria

“Thanks for taking time to share your wisdom about the job market in Victoria last night at the Victoria Multicultural Business Connector. The event went down well. I wish I had met you 2 years ago when I first arrived in Victoria.”

~ Robert Volkwyn PMP – Victoria

Tony Joe“I have had the pleasure of attending Sue’s speaking engagements, where she delivers insight and solutions to help people dealing with life transitions. She is a caring individual who possesses much knowledge and experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to those seeking assistance for a successful life transition.”

~ Tony Joe – Real Estate Professional & Community Advocate – Victoria