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What’s Important to me NOW?

Product comprises: 10 forms in .pdf format + Workshop Video

Price: $97

Are you living your best life and making choices aligned with what’s really important to you? In this powerful 2 hour workshop you’ll gain clarity about who and what is most important for you at this point in your life and some things you may wish to give more attention to. You will receive access to a package of forms that you’ll print off before you begin. You will then document your discoveries as Life Transitions Coach, Sue Maitland, leads you through this video workshop in the comfort of your own home at a time that works best for you. Gaining this clarity will allow you to focus on your priorities and begin to make choices that support your best quality of life. This video workshop really can help you begin to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life.

What Seniors Need to Know BEFORE They Move

Product comprises: Video recording of this Information Session

Information Session Price: $10

If you’re a senior who’s been procrastinating about your next move, this 45 minute video information session is a call to action for seniors to make a plan for where they will live in future. The target audience is seniors and their adult children or caregivers. The presenter, Life Transitions Coach, Sue Maitland, encourages seniors to enjoy the sense of empowerment that comes from making your own plan for your ideal next home. Sue explains the barriers that keep seniors from making a plan and shares a simple 5 step process to allow you to begin to build your own plan for your ideal next home.

A Checklist for My Ideal Next Home

Product comprises: Workshop Instructions and Checklists in .pdf format

Self-Directed Workshop Price: $15

If there’s a move in your future and you want to avoid the frustration, stress and expense of making the WRONG move, this package could prove invaluable. You’ll receive a thought provoking questionnaire that will help you determine the location and features of your ideal next home – one that supports your best quality of life and which takes account of your budget constraints. It also includes a number of checklist templates to allow you to consider the specific features of the both the location and type of home that will best support what’s most important to you for this phase of your life. As you consider your answers to the questions and manually build your personal checklist on the forms you have printed, you will build a customized checklist of “MUST HAVE” and “NICE to HAVE” features. With your personal checklist in hand, you’ll have increased confidence in exactly what you want and need BEFORE you begin to look for your next home. If you’re a couple, there’s a proven approach that could help you reach agreement on a Checklist that works for both of you. Checklist templates in this package provide for the following types of homes: residential homes, condominiums and apartments, townhouses and independent living retirement residences.