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Why Choose to Work with Sue?

Sue MaitlandAuthenticity & Trust

When choosing a coach, it’s important to feel a connection. You want to know they’re authentic and that you can trust them to always keep your best interests in mind. I frequently hear that people feel very comfortable talking with me and that I create a safe and confidential place without judgment, for them to share their thoughts and explore new possibilities.

Over the years I’ve earned a reputation as a top coach who really cares about her clients and supports their personal and professional growth without creating long-term dependencies. My goal is always to give my clients the tools and self-awareness to make empowered choices that will allow them to create a future that is rewarding and fulfilling.

Professional Qualifications

Coaching is a relatively new profession and is growing rapidly but did you know it’s unregulated? This means anyone can start a business and call themselves a coach! It was important to me to have a solid foundation before I started my coaching practice. This is why I chose to invest in a coaching program through Erickson International College called the Art & Science of Coaching. Completing this program gave me a structured coaching framework that works well for my clients and qualified me to become certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

To gain my ICF certification, I had to complete an approved training program, achieve a specific number of client coaching hours, pass a written and oral exam and agree to adhere to a professional code of ethics. To retain my accreditation, I must invest in ongoing training, track my coaching hours, invest in mentoring, keep current with coaching best practices and continue to adhere to the ICF code of ethics. Maintaining my ICF accreditation is important to me and differentiates me from other coaches in an increasingly crowded profession.

I’m proud to be an ICF certified coach and my clients appreciate my commitment to my profession and the world-class processes and tools I share with them.

Experienced Coach and Workshop Leader

Sue leading a Networking for Success workshop

Sue leading a Networking for Success workshop

I’ve supported hundreds of people over the years through my workshops and coaching services. Many are experiencing or considering a career transition, often within their existing field and sometimes doing something completely different. Some, like me, are considering transitioning out of the corporate world and becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve also coached people who are thinking of retiring or perhaps semi-retiring. I’ve helped them create a clear path to a future that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

I’ve coached people in over 35 different careers which has given me a broad understanding of the skills and required attributes for success in many different fields. It’s a big advantage for clients who work with me as I can help them really understand and evaluate which career move might be best for them.

I lead men and women through workshops and retreats where they gain new insights about themselves and commit to taking action to achieve their goals. My workshops and retreats are a safe place for self-discovery and sharing is always optional. The goal is to support your personal growth in a way that feels comfortable for you. Some of my clients appreciate having the option of a one-on-one support call after the workshop or retreat to make sure they are integrating what they learned into their lives and staying on track to achieving their goals.

Real Life Experience with Life & Career Transitions

Sue enjoying a quiet moment at one of the many beaches in and around Victoria

Sue enjoying a quiet moment at one of the many beaches in and around Victoria

I have experienced many transitions throughout my life and with each transition I’ve sought to understand what could bring me an even greater sense of happiness and fulfillment. I moved to Canada from the UK, I’ve experienced divorce, I’m in a successful second marriage, I’m a mother who enjoys a close relationship with her adult son and I’m a daughter with an elderly mother living near me who needs some support.

I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of careers including retail manager, wholesale buyer, merchandiser, recruiter, programmer, team leader, project manager, resource manager and sales executive before discovering my dream career as a professional coach and creating a successful business as an entrepreneur.

I was successful in my previous careers, however they didn’t fulfill me in the same way that coaching does. The satisfaction and rewards that I get from helping my clients get the clarity and motivation to move forward and create a more fulfilled life is hard to put into words and I often hear others say “I can see you really love what you do”.

I find my clients also really value my 10 years as a Resource Manager with a global IT consulting firm where I supported employee career development and was instrumental in recruiting hundreds of IT professionals. I know what recruiters are looking for and I can help you show up for interviews with confidence and able to effectively communicate why you’re the ideal candidate for the position.

My project management skills allow me to support you to build a realistic plan to achieve your goals.

I’ve moved 16 times in my lifetime including moves from London, England to Ottawa, Canada until finally falling in love with Victoria, B.C. and moving to the West Coast of Canada over 2 decades ago. Victoria is my “happy place” where I feel most at home. I love the beaches, the smiling faces, the visitors who came to explore this beautiful city, the wonderful restaurants and ever growing number of wineries, distilleries and culinary festivals. Yes I’m a bit of a foodie and of course our mild winters and pleasantly warm summers are wonderful. I love Victoria so much that I’ve developed an area of my practice focused on helping people move to Victoria. Whether you’re thinking of moving here, or you’ve moved recently, my goal is to help you settle in, avoid surprises and understand how the city works, since it’s a little different than many other cities.

My goal for each of my clients is to help them explore what living the best rest of their life could look like. After working with me you’ll have clarity about what you want and the motivation to take action to make your vision a reality while fully appreciating and enjoying the present moment and the journey.

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