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Is Fulfillment the Missing Piece of the Puzzle For You?

Fulfillment - Puzzle on the Place of Missing Pieces.Do you sometimes feel something is missing in your life? Could it be that you don’t feel a sense of fulfillment? What does the term “fulfillment” really mean anyway? I believe it means having a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction with your life. In simple terms, it’s when you wake up looking forward to the day ahead and all the possibilities it holds and go to bed at the end of the day feeling satisfied with the way the day unfolded, even if everything didn’t go exactly as planned.

What makes us feel fulfilled is different for each of us. We bring our belief systems and values into everything we do and these things will influence what fulfillment means to us. Taking the time to ask what makes us feel fulfilled is a valuable exercise at any point in our lives and is especially relevant when dealing with a personal or professional transition.

Transitions offer us the opportunity to re-shape our future. Just imagine if we had the knowledge of what really fulfills us as we deal with a personal or professional transition and were able to craft a future that brings more happiness and satisfaction into our lives?

As a life and career transitions coach, I encourage my clients to explore what fulfillment means to them as a part of our work together and I’m always open to discovering new ways to help people get this clarity.

I’ve known best-selling author and trainer, Michael Losier for a number of years now and he has touched thousands of lives with his “how to” guide on practicing the Law of Attraction. I’ve taken his classes and apply the principles in my life and business and see the positive results.

What’s exciting for me is that he’s now written a new book “Your Life’s Purpose – Uncover What Really Fulfills You” and he’s developed a workshop that helps you quickly and efficiently discover your top fulfillment needs. Imagine how valuable that information could be. I know the process works as I’ve participated his workshop based on his new book and I’ve used the process over the phone with my coaching clients and the results are powerful.

If you’re interested in learning more about upcoming workshops or working with me one-on-one to uncover your top fulfillment needs, please reach out to me at 778-265-6880 or email me at