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Are you REALLY ready to retire?

Victoria Waterfront Mar 2016-0863-Edit (2)It’s a BIG decision with lots of implications both financially and personally. I know because as a life and career transitions coach I’ve helped many clients answer this question and in this blog post I’m going to share my top tips for a successful retirement.

Some of my clients had already retired and weren’t sure they’d made the right choice. Others felt ready and just needed that final clarity on exactly what their retirement would look like before taking the leap. I’ve watched others attempt to retire and return to work because their retirement funds aren’t sufficient to support the retirement lifestyle they desire and others who simply miss the social interaction and sense of purpose that comes from working.

There are some key components to enjoying a successful retirement and it’s not all about the money.

Sue’s Tips for a Successful Retirement

  1. Take time to pause and connect with your values, your natural strengths and abilities and what fulfills you – do this and you have a solid foundation upon which to start to create a retirement you’ll love. Fail to do this and you’ll find many people willing to help you fill your days with commitments and activities you’d really rather not be doing.
  2. Get clear on your priorities for this phase of your life – who and what is most important to you? (*)
  3. Don’t retire as a means to get away from a job or boss you hate – if retirement feels right to you, be sure you have a sense of purpose and a plan for your retirement
  4. Create a clear vision of how you’ll spend your time in the years ahead – you could be looking at 30 to 40 years or more and that’s a long time
  5. Take advantage of all the possibilities that retirement offers – learn a new skill, travel to new places (locally or further afield if your budget allows), join a special interest group that appeals to you or start your own, make new friends, volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about – fill your days with enjoyable and uplifting activities.
  6. Consider your changing needs as you age and make sure your plan accommodates for this. You may be very active in the early retirement years, less active in the next 10-15 years and in time, you may simply wish to stay in your own home and find that you need outside support to be able to do this.
  7. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and that your body can sustain and build it into your schedule – keeping active both physically and mentally is a key component of a happy retirement
  8. Find a competent qualified financial planner and share your vision for your retirement. Ensure you have sufficient funds to sustain the lifestyle you desire before you decide to retire. If you still have some saving to do, consider re-inventing yourself for a new career that you’ll love (as I did when I became a life & career transitions coach after 30+ years in the corporate world) and you may find that the idea of fully retiring isn’t quite as appealing as it once was.

(*) Getting clear on your priorities is a critical first step when facing any life transition and I’ve developed an online workshop where you’ll coached by me through a proven process and in just 2 hours you’ll get crystal clear on your priorities for this phase of your life. It’s the What’s Important to Me NOW? online workshop and it’s available for only Cdn. $97 from my website at – access it and get clear on your priorities TODAY.

Think You May Need Some Help?

If you’d like to explore inviting me to help you determine whether you’re ready to retire and create a vision and build a plan for what your ideal retirement could look like, please reach out to me through my website and we’ll arrange a complimentary initial consultation.

If you’re a financial advisor, you may wish to explore inviting me to speak on this topic, or run a mini retirement planning workshop for your clients.

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