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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Just Tell Your Boss “I QUIT” – no matter how much you may want to

I QuitHave you ever got so frustrated with your boss or the things that are going on at your organization that you just want to walk in and say “I QUIT”.

Read on to discover why that may not be a great idea and what you might want to do instead.


5 reasons you shouldn’t just quit your job:

1)      You’re seen as more valuable when you’re employed

2)      You’ll have to explain to recruiters why you quit

3)      You’ll probably burn a bridge

4)      Your employer may feel the need to make you wrong

5)      You may miss the opportunity to negotiate a severance package

Here’s what you can do instead:

1)      Consider whether you could be happy in another department or a different role at the same company before firming up your decision to leave

2)      Keep doing your job to the best of your abilities

3)      Don’t complain to co-workers about your boss or your job

4)      Get clear on what you DO want from you next job

5)      Start researching opportunities while still employed

6)      Get clear on your strengths, talents and values and OWN them before you go for any interviews

7)      Find the right next job and exit your current company gracefully giving reasonable notice

Sometimes you reach breaking point before realizing you need to do something. Having a coach in your corner can help significantly as you make any kind of career transition. This is especially true if you’re in a situation where you strongly dislike your current job and are tempted to go to your boss one day and say “I QUIT”.

Sue Headshot w White Cropped Hi DefIf you’re feeling that you’re at this point, I invite you to connect with me for a complimentary consultation to get some clarity on where you are and what the right path forward might be. With my ICF coach training, 10 personal career transitions and over 10 years of recruiting and career counselling experience and having coached clients in 30 different career streams, my clients feel confident, supported and inspired as they make their next career move.

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