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Sue’s clients often tell her how supported they feel when working with her and how they appreciate her professionalism and her natural abilities as a coach. Sue is grateful every day that her clients openly share the positive difference that her coaching has made in their lives.

What Sue’s Clients Are Saying:

“Working with Sue as a Transition Coach has been an amazing experience that has improved my life in many dimensions. You do the work and Sue guides you through it with insightful and challenging questions. I have learned so much about myself and how to achieve my goals. I have a great set of tools now that have helped me to find a happier and much more positive outlook in my work and in my personal life”

~ Robert English, Executive

“I actually feel like it’s all possible now which I can honestly say is an entirely new feeling. I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Barb Mcpherson, Owner and Manager, Black Tree Developments Ltd.

Fortunately, a bit of happy serendipity, I met Sue Maitland soon after I arrived in Victoria, and started working with her as my Life Transitions Coach … Sue guiding the process with a firm hand, allowed me to make clear and defensible decisions about the new stage of life I was entering. Sue and I have now completed our work together, and I find that I am able to carry over the same logic to the current decisions I have to make, decisions both large and small. I would happily recommend Sue Maitland to anyone looking for clarity and guidance in confronting the life changes, and life challenges, that we all face.”

~ Dr. Alan Marcus, recently retired

“In respect to the difference working with Sue made in my life, the investment was well worth it. If you’re ready to really improve your life, the investment is secondary.”

~ Jacques C.F. Lanteigne, Executive

“I am doing well…. I am applying the clarity I gained from my sessions with you and staying within those boundaries.  Of course, some days things can get a bit overwhelming but all in all I come back to the “What’s Important to Me Now” wheel and I regain my balance… I am so grateful to have found you and the good work you did with me. I have a new mantra … “get a life coach” and “what makes us think we can do this all on our own?”. I think we all need a life coach now and then.  It made such a tremendous difference for me when I needed help managing my life. Much gratitude for the work you did with me. Everything has gone so much easier since our work together. That makes me healthier and happier.”

~ Ferne Nowlan, Widow

“Sue Maitland is passionate about her work, in fact, her enthusiasm is infectious. The beauty of working with Sue is that she has an effective way to getting to the crux of what is important to you, so that you can immediately begin to put a plan into effect toward accomplishing your goals. Her excellent methodology is grounded in knowledge and experience and is designed to produce clarity. You can expect exceptional professionalism, as well as an authentic experience that results in a positive outcome when you invest your time to work with Sue Maitland.”

~ Lyn Bull, Owner Silverside Winery

“I just finished the online (What’s Important to me NOW?) video workshop and am very impressed!…The wheels were very helpful in getting priorities down and seeing them on paper. Rating them was a very insightful and interesting exercise…I have to say the visualization was the most exciting part of the exercise for me as I really saw and felt myself in the place I want to be with such excitement and joy.”

~ Mary Ann Dusting, Para-Professional Braillist

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