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Make Time for YOU


Are You Running on EMPTY?

Give yourself permission to enjoy a full day self-care workshop and leave feeling energized and with a plan to integrate refuelling into your schedule

Making time for yourself is not a luxury…it’s ESSENTIAL

You owe it to yourself and everyone you care about to reclaim your balance. You’ll emerge energized, more confident and inspired to tap into your own unique abilities & talents

Join Sue Maitland ICF Certified Life & Career Transitions Coach on Saturday 7th November from 10am – 4pm at the Victoria Executive Centre, 915 Fort St.

Your day of refueling includes lunch & beverages, activities to enhance self-connection and a truly unique “playtime” that is guaranteed to produce fits of laughter… what could be more nourishing?

Your full day of regeneration:  $197 – Bring a friend and each save $50!

To reserve your seat, email Sue at or call 778-265-6880

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted

Mid-Life Crisis – Myth or Reality?

Mid-Life Crisis (2)We’ve all heard the story about how in mid-life, an apparently happily married older man suddenly leaves his wife of 25+ years for a younger woman and trades in the family sedan for a new sports car. It’s a tongue in cheek definition of what a mid-life crisis can look like, but is there really such a thing as a mid-life crisis and is it only men who experience it?

I believe there is and I see many women experiencing this too. As a Life Transitions Coach I’ve built my practice around helping mid-lifers plan and execute successful personal and professional transitions and whether we label it a “mid-life crisis” or my preferred term “mid-life transition” many women and men in their 40’s and 50’s are driven to make one or more significant changes in their personal and professional lives.

The reality is that we wake up one day and realize that we’re at a point in our lives where we’re probably at least at least halfway done and we may not feel as fulfilled as we’d like. We decide that something needs to change and unfortunately, sometimes without a clear plan or serious consideration for the full implications, we do something to trigger a change either in our personal or professional lives or both. I’ll talk about the consequences of doing this without a clear plan of what you want for the future in my next blog.

Here are some signs that you might be facing a mid-life transition (crisis):

  • You’re dissatisfied with your job and start to resent going to work
  • You look at your partner and feel your relationship has become routine and stale
  • You notice that friends whose company you used to enjoy now seem shallow or boring
  • You’ve recently lost your job and can’t face going back into that same type of work again
  • You dream of owning your own business and being your own boss
  • You’re increasingly focused on signs of aging when you look in the mirror
  • Your life seems dull and uninspired – you begin to yearn for something new and exciting
  • You start to feel that your whole life has revolved around your children & their needs
  • You’ve begun to resent family commitments and don’t enjoy them the way you used to
  • You think more and more about retirement and wonder how soon you can make it happen
  • You really want to make a difference in this world but you’re not sure what that means
  • You’ve begun to be increasing curious about spiritual matters and different religions
  • You feel burdened by financial obligations and wonder if you’ll ever be able to retire
  • You have a sudden desire to get very physically fit
  • You’re putting increased focus on your clothing and overall physical appearance
  • You yearn to have the courage to try new things that you’ve never done before
  • You feel like your life is dictated by other people’s expectations of you and your wants and needs even aren’t being considered and you feel resentful
  • You increasingly find yourself asking the question “Is this all that there is?”
  • You get an overwhelming feeling that you want to leave everything behind and start a fresh new life without any baggage

Did any of these resonate for you?

If they did, you may be facing a mid-life transition and the very best thing you can do when you realize this is PAUSE and take time to evaluate exactly what your next move should be. 

Engaging a qualified and experienced life coach at this point in your life may be one of the best investments you ever make since they can help you get clarity on what you really want and this will reduce your stress and allow you to make conscious and empowered choices about your future.

Here’s what my mid-life client Jacques had to say about working with me:

“In respect to the difference working with Sue made in my life, the investment was well worth it. If you’re ready to really improve your life, the investment is secondary.”

In my next blog I’ll share with you some of the costly and painful and consequences of NOT taking the time to plan your mid-life transition and how you can avoid these mistakes.

As an ICF certified Life and Career Transitions Coach I’ve helped many mid-lifers execute successful transitions in the personal and professional lives and I’ve made my own successful transition into a career that fulfills and sustains me. If you would like to explore inviting me to help you with your mid-life transition, please call today for your complimentary consultation at 778-265-6880 or go to my website at and send me a message telling me more about what you’re going through and we’ll arrange a time to connect.

You don’t have to face this alone – take charge of your mid-life crisis and experience the sense of empowerment that comes from having a caring and experienced life transitions coach on your side to help you get clarity on what you really want and then support you as you plan and execute a successful and fulfilling transition.

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Pre-Retirement Lifestyle Planning for Couples

Do you suspect that you and your partner have different view of what retirement could look like? Would you like to kick start your retirement planning in a fun one day workshop? This small group workshop involves some group work and also provides for you to capture your own personal thoughts and ideas without sharing with the other members of the group. You and your partner will each connect with your own personal vision of retirement, including where you’ll live and how you’ll spend your time. There’ll be an opportunity to share your ideas with one another over the lunch break. Lunch is not included in this workshop to allow for privacy as you share your discoveries with your partner. The early afternoon will be devoted to group brainstorming around a number of hypothetical scenarios where one partner has a very different view than the other. You’ll then take time to capture possible ways that you can accommodate your and your partner’s desires in a way that could work for both of you. You’ll leave the session with a better understanding of what retirement could look like for you as a couple and some tools to help you continue the process of clarifying your vision and refining your retirement plan. Once you’ve completed this work, you’ll be able to talk with a competent financial advisor who can help you formalize the financial component of your plan and help you determine when might be the best time for you to retire.

This day could be life-changing – don’t put off getting this clarity to some future date that may never come. Enjoy a sense of control and empowerment as you and your partner clarify your retirement plans.

Pre-registration is mandatory and spaces are limited. Please call Sue at 778-265-6880 to register. Pricing is $297 per couple and is payable in advance. All major credit cards are accepted

7 Simple Steps to Excavate Your Achievements from Last Year

7 Simple Steps to Excavating Your Achievements from Last YearSometimes as the year comes to a close, we get so caught up with thinking about the coming year that we forget to pause and take a moment to reflect upon our achievements over the past 12 months and the valuable lessons we may have learned from the things that didn’t quite go as expected.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of 20 minutes to reflect upon your successes large and small this year. Find a quiet comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed and bring a pen and notepad with you.

  1. Write at the top of your notepad “My Achievements This Year”.
  2. Take a couple of nice deep cleansing breaths and get present to the moment.
  3. Ask yourself “What are some of the things that I achieved last year?” and reflect back on everything, large or small that happened that was successful or enjoyable in the past year and is something you’d like to capture and celebrate. Write down on your notepad each thing that comes to mind.
  4. Now consider something that didn’t quite turn out as planned and ask yourself “What positive lesson can I take away from this?” Write down the positive lesson you learned as a result of this experience.
  5. Now take another couple of deep cleansing breaths and prepare to get really present and open to celebrating your successes in the past year.
  6. Read out loud each of your achievements and acknowledge and honour each one of them, including any lessons learned.
  7. Notice how you are now feeling about yourself and your past year. Enjoy that feeling of satisfaction and congratulate yourself on all of your achievements.

To my clients who accepted my invitation for a year-end review and a look ahead to next year, thank you for allowing me to celebrate your successes with you. You already know the next step in this process is one that will set you up for a very successful year ahead. For those of you who haven’t experienced my year-end review coaching session, I’ll post the next step in the process on my website in January and send you the link.

For now I simply invite you to enjoy noticing what a wonderful year you just experienced.

If you would like to explore working with me to help you get clarity on the key achievements you’d like to set for yourself for the coming year and support you as you build a plan to make them happen, please call or email me for a complimentary initial consultation and you could begin to…

Make the rest of your life
the BEST of your life.



Retirement Reinvented – Part 6

In Part 6 of this 6 part seminar series you’ll create a plan to achieve your retirement vision.

You’ll build on the research from part 5 and get clarity on whether full-retirement or semi-retirement is right for you.

You’ll get sense of when might be the right time to retire or semi-retire.

You’ll have a chance to “step into” experiencing your vision of retirement and receive tools and a strategy to help you refine your plan and begin to take action to make it a reality.

You’ll also book your follow up session with your coach for early in 2015.

The cost of this event is included in the overall cost of this seminar series.

Call Sue at 778-265-6880 to register or for more information. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Retirement Reinvented – Part 5

In Part 5 of this 6 part seminar series you’ll create a budget to support your vision of your ideal retirement.

We’ll hear from a local expert Financial Advisor who will share their experience in advising clients on planning their retirement. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about how you might best achieve your retirement vision.

You’ll leave the session with some things to research in order to complete your financial plan for retirement.

The cost of this event is included in the overall cost of this seminar series.

Call Sue at 778-265-6880 to register or for more information. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Retirement Reinvented – Part 3

In Part 3 of this 6 part seminar series you’ll clarify the vision of your ideal retirement created in Part 2.

We’ll explore what brings you joy and fulfillment and confirm that the plan you’re building considers this.

You’ll review your plan and may make some changes to better align with what would lead to a truly satisfying retirement.

The cost of this event is included in the overall cost of this seminar series

Call Sue at 778-265-6880 to register or for more information. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Retirement Reinvented – Part 2

In Part 2 of this 6 part seminar series you’ll create a vision of your ideal retirement based on what you discovered in the “What’s Important to me NOW” workshop.

We’ll explore how the traditional view of retirement is changing and you’ll get to “try on” some new ideas for what your retirement might look like and see how well they fit for you and what’s important to you.

Come prepared to have fun and open your mind to some new possibilities.

The cost of this event is included in the overall cost of this seminar series

Call Sue at 778-265-6880 to register. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

What’s Important to Me NOW? Workshop

In this powerful 2 hour workshop participants will take the time to ask the question “What are the things in my life that are really important to me right now and what things do I want to give more focus to in the future?” Many of us lead very busy lives juggling personal, work and family commitments and we rarely stop to evaluate whether we’re spending our time on activities that really reflect who we are and what’s important to us as individuals. Others feel stuck in familiar patterns of behaviour that really don’t inspire or fulfill us. If you feel you may be approaching a crossroads in your life, investing a couple of hours with a life coach to help you get clear on your personal priorities can have a profound effect on the rest of your life.

Imagine knowing exactly what your priorities are and being able to evaluate each new demand for your time or attention in the light of whether this supports what’s most important to you. As you move forward after this workshop and begin to make choices aligned to what’s most important to you, you will begin to feel a powerful sense of control, satisfaction and happiness in the new life you are creating for yourself.

This foundational workshop is a great reference point to begin one-on-one coaching and also forms Part 1 of the 6 Part Retirement Reinvented Workshop Series where mid-lifers can create a vision for their ideal retirement and build a plan to achieve it.

Retirement Reinvented Part 1

This series of 6 seminars on consecutive weeks will allow you to explore new possibilities for your retirement. You’ll get clarity on what an ideal retirement or semi-retirement might look like for you and build a plan to achieve it.

In addition to the workshop activities you’ll receive a one-on-one coaching session with Life Transitions Coach Sue Maitland on the topic of your choice to get you on track for the new year.

Each Session builds on the previous session, so attendance in all 6 sessions is required.

We all need a plan for our retirement. If this is something that you know you need to do and yet you keep putting it off, don’t procrastinate any longer – sign up for this seminar series and make it happen.

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you will experience, knowing that you have a personalized retirement plan developed by you to support your own specific wants and needs. Having this clarity will serve as a beacon and allow you to make life choices that support your retirement vision.

In this 6 Part Series you will:

1) Clarify what’s most important to you now and in the future – you’ll do this in the “What’s Important to Me NOW?” workshop on October 25th

2) Create a vision of retirement based on what you learned in Part 1

3) Clarify the vision – really explore what life will look like for you when you retire

4) Determine the best place to live and type of accommodation to support your retirement

5) Build a retirement budget

6) Build a plan with target dates to achieve your ideal retirement vision

Are you ready to take charge of your future?

Call me, Sue Maitland TODAY at 778-265-6880 to register or for more information. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Spaces are limited and there’s a bonus extra coaching session for anyone who contacts me to reserve their seat before 5pm on Saturday October 11th.

The entire series with all materials provided is only $500. With the extra coaching session the total value is $840.

Make this investment in yourself and your future today and enjoy less stress and more confidence in where you’re going and why.




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