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Retirement Reinvented – Part 6

In Part 6 of this 6 part seminar series you’ll create a plan to achieve your retirement vision.

You’ll build on the research from part 5 and get clarity on whether full-retirement or semi-retirement is right for you.

You’ll get sense of when might be the right time to retire or semi-retire.

You’ll have a chance to “step into” experiencing your vision of retirement and receive tools and a strategy to help you refine your plan and begin to take action to make it a reality.

You’ll also book your follow up session with your coach for early in 2015.

The cost of this event is included in the overall cost of this seminar series.

Call Sue at 778-265-6880 to register or for more information. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Retirement Reinvented Part 1

This series of 6 seminars on consecutive weeks will allow you to explore new possibilities for your retirement. You’ll get clarity on what an ideal retirement or semi-retirement might look like for you and build a plan to achieve it.

In addition to the workshop activities you’ll receive a one-on-one coaching session with Life Transitions Coach Sue Maitland on the topic of your choice to get you on track for the new year.

Each Session builds on the previous session, so attendance in all 6 sessions is required.

We all need a plan for our retirement. If this is something that you know you need to do and yet you keep putting it off, don’t procrastinate any longer – sign up for this seminar series and make it happen.

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you will experience, knowing that you have a personalized retirement plan developed by you to support your own specific wants and needs. Having this clarity will serve as a beacon and allow you to make life choices that support your retirement vision.

In this 6 Part Series you will:

1) Clarify what’s most important to you now and in the future – you’ll do this in the “What’s Important to Me NOW?” workshop on October 25th

2) Create a vision of retirement based on what you learned in Part 1

3) Clarify the vision – really explore what life will look like for you when you retire

4) Determine the best place to live and type of accommodation to support your retirement

5) Build a retirement budget

6) Build a plan with target dates to achieve your ideal retirement vision

Are you ready to take charge of your future?

Call me, Sue Maitland TODAY at 778-265-6880 to register or for more information. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Spaces are limited and there’s a bonus extra coaching session for anyone who contacts me to reserve their seat before 5pm on Saturday October 11th.

The entire series with all materials provided is only $500. With the extra coaching session the total value is $840.

Make this investment in yourself and your future today and enjoy less stress and more confidence in where you’re going and why.




What’s Important to Me NOW? Workshop

In this powerful 2 hour workshop participants will take the time to ask the question “What are the things in my life that are really important to me right now and what things do I want to give more focus to in the future?” Many of us lead very busy lives juggling personal, work and family commitments and we rarely stop to evaluate whether we’re spending our time on activities that really reflect who we are and what’s important to us as individuals. If you feel you may be approaching a crossroads in your life, investing a Sunday afternoon with a life coach to help you get clear on your personal priorities can have a profound effect on the rest of your life.

Image knowing exactly what your priorities are and being able to evaluate each new demand for your time or attention in the light of whether this supports what’s most important to you. As you move forward after this workshop and begin to make choices aligned to what’s most important to you, you will begin to feel a powerful sense of control, satisfaction and happiness in the new life you are creating for yourself.

This foundational workshop is a pre-requisite for future workshops and coaching groups which may focus on:
• helping seniors plan a future move
• understanding what an ideal retirement could look like for you
• building friendships and a social life that supports who you are and what you enjoy

Other topics will be added as interest and demand dictates.

Call Sue today to register for this event at 778-265-6880.

Invite 2 or more friends to join you and you’ll all qualify for a 20% discount on the workshop fee.

Space is limited so don’t delay – choose to make this investment in yourself and begin to make the rest of your life, the BEST of your life.

Top 5 Critical Success Factors for working with a life coach

Transitional Life CoachingBefore engaging a life transition coach it’s important to know how you can get the greatest value from the experience.

1) Be open to exploring what’s most important to you

The greatest return on investment tends to be achieved for those clients who take the time up front to work with their life coach to fully understand their inner values, the things that are most important to them and armed with this powerful insight, envision, plan and execute all their future life transitions keeping those things in mind.

2) Be ready to focus on the present and future

A coach can help you move forward from where you are today to where you wish to be in the future. Therapists and counselors can help you figure out how you got to where you are, if that’s important to you. Once you’re mentally prepared to focus on where you are today and where you’d like to go in the future, a life coach can be of great value to you.

3) Be open to the concept that you have the answers you seek

A life coach believes that everyone has all the resources they need and the capability to seek out any additional information required, to achieve whatever they want in their lives. Coaches create a safe and confidential space for you to focus your thoughts and then ask powerful questions to bring clarity to your vision and the outcomes you desire. Coaches do not offer advice or mentor their clients. A coach supports you to sort through all the competing thoughts you may have to allow you to choose the right path to move forward and get the outcomes you desire. One of the most powerful aspects of coaching is articulating what you already know and then committing to act on it.

4) Be prepared to work to achieve what you want

The clients who achieve the greatest success in the fastest possible time are the ones who put in the work and follow through on the actions they have set for themselves at the end of each coaching session. Coaching isn’t a magic bullet. It requires digging deep emotionally and then modifying patterns of behavior in order to achieve the results you seek. It may also require you to do some research. It isn’t always easy and your best chance of success is having the right life coach in your corner supporting you as you make your transition.

5) Be open to new possibilities

Working with a coach is most likely to begin to open up a whole new realm of possibilities for you as realize the old rules and beliefs which have influenced your decisions up to now may not align with your true values and what is most important to you. Realizing your full potential may require that you modify or leave behind some of the limiting thoughts that may have guided your actions in the past. It can be exciting to see these new possibilities and it can also be a little scary too. A life coach can help you stay on track and support you as you execute your transition and begin to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life.
If you come into a coaching relationship embracing these beliefs, you will have a high likelihood of achieving your goals and will be on your way to experiencing an increased sense of fulfillment and happiness in your life.

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