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Make This Your Best Year Ever

2015 Your Best Year EverWant to set yourself up for an amazing year? Take a trip with me into the future and let’s look back on your achievements. Give yourself the gift of 30 minutes in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and let’s explore what an amazing year could look like for you.

In December I invited my clients to connect with me to reflect on their achievements over the past year. We looked back and uncovered personal and professional successes both big and small and took a moment to pause and celebrate them together. In all cases my clients were surprised and delighted with their accomplishments. You can discover how to walk yourself through this process in this article on my website: Reading that article could be the perfect prelude to our trip into the future.

Now I want to share with you the second part of our year-end coaching session. Here are the steps I invite you to follow to create your plan for this year’s achievements:

  1. Write at the top of your notepad “My Achievements This Year”.
  2. Take a couple of nice deep cleansing breaths and get present to the moment
  3. Imagine you’ve stepped through a portal and been transported into the future – it’s now December and you’ve enjoyed an amazingly successful year
  4. As you look back over the entire year ask yourself “What are all the wonderful things that I achieved last year that I may wish to celebrate?” and from the vantage point of the end of the year, write down on your notepad each thing that comes to mind. Don’t hold back – remember it’s been an amazing year.
  5. Now take another couple of deep cleansing breaths and prepare to get really present and open to celebrating your successes this year.
  6. Read out loud each of your achievements and acknowledge and honour each one of them.
  7. Notice how you are now feeling about yourself and your past year. Enjoy that feeling of satisfaction and congratulate yourself on all of your achievements.
  8. Now step back from the future and think of the top 3 actions you could take that would help make this vision a reality and write them on your notepad. Set a date for when you will start doing each of these things.
  9. Consider one key thing that might occur that could impact your ability to achieve those goals and ask yourself “How can I overcome that challenge if it occurs?” Write your answer down.
  10. Notice how you were able to come up with an answer as to how to overcome your challenge and know that you have the answers to be able to overcome any challenges if you just take time to give it your attention and are open to all the possible solutions.

Congratulations – you just set yourself up for an amazing year.

If you would like to explore working with me to help you get clarity on the key achievements you’d like to set for yourself for the coming year and invite me to support you as you build a plan to make them happen, please call or email me for a complimentary initial consultation and you could begin to…

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