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Are You Addicted To Being Busy?

Do you sometimes feel that life is one long “To Do” list that you can never get through, since the minute you complete one thing, you think of 3 more things that need to be added? Do you look at ...

Make This Your Best Year Ever

Want to set yourself up for an amazing year? Take a trip with me into the future and let’s look back on your achievements. Give yourself the gift of 30 minutes in a quiet place where you won’t be ...

Making a Will can be Fun and Easy.

MAKING a WILL can be EASY and FUN.  REALLY?  Are you KIDDING ME? OK, I understand this is a SERIOUS topic and one that is difficult for some of us to think about because it reminds us of our own ...

The Biggest Mistake


What’s the BIGGEST mistake most people make when facing a life transition?  It begins with the letter P – can you guess what it is….? We all do it from time to time but when we do it when ...

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