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Finding the Joy in Networking

Does the very idea of attending an event where you’re expected to network create feelings of discomfort, dread or downright fear in you? You’re not alone. Many people experience a strong ...

Are you REALLY ready to retire?

It’s a BIG decision with lots of implications both financially and personally. I know because as a life and career transitions coach I’ve helped many clients answer this question and in this blog ...

Why Victoria Is My Happy Place

Finding the perfect place to live takes time and self-reflection. I’ve lived in Victoria for over 20 years and after spending a decade in Ottawa, I know it’s the ideal place for me. Many other ...

Thinking of Moving to Canada?

Whether it’s concern about what’s going on politically in the US, the discord in the European Union or concerns about terrorism, many people around the world are giving serious ...

Do You Live An Authentic Life?

Have you ever wondered what living an authentic life means? Read on if you’re curious and you’ll find some questions that might help you get clarity on whether or not you are. The Oxford ...

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